There’s officially 10 days left in this crazy, rollercoaster ride of a year. While bustling holiday parties and family gatherings might be sorely missed in this pandemic year, in the spirit of Holidays and my attempt to conquer new year jitters, here are 10 things that I want to accomplish in the year of 2021.

This one is mostly for me, but feel free to come along for the ride ;)

  1. Put Family First

This year marks my first year since birth (!) where I did not see my parents or returned home due to obvious circumstances. Being in an…

I am not shy to confess that I am admittedly still very much a novice in Product, having just made the switch into this space 2 years ago. This process of learning Product Management has been at once exhilarating and exhausting. The role has pushed me to grow and has challenged me in ways I never knew. Two years later, my team shipped a few things, I still have a team that agrees to work with me, and I am not totally clueless every time a new problem springs at me from the left field. While the approach to every…

A Survival Guide for Your First 30 days as a Remote PM

The only thing for certain these days is that times are definitely uncertain, and the fact we will likely have to continue to navigate through this ambiguity for the foreseeable future. Going through major life changes, like starting a new job or switching career paths, is inherently an exciting yet nerve-wracking venture, with this added stress only amplified as it happens under the backdrop of a global pandemic. Having recently gone through an entire interview and onboarding process in a remote environment, I wanted to share some tips and practices that I’ve personally found to be helpful along the way…

“How does one transition to be a product manager without ever having been one?”

Unlike my peers studying electrical engineering or computer science, the field of Product Management was virtually unknown to me when I first graduated college. I, among many of my fellow business-minded classmates, spent most of our free time in college networking and chasing down internships in the prestigious and clear-cut paths of either Investment Banking or Consulting. Paths that were supposed to….

  1. Maximize your career optionality in the future!
  2. Set you up with the skills to tackle anything!!
  3. Make you hyper marketable to tech companies and/or startups!!!

Now fast forward to first year post grad me, working as a Technology…

Tiffany Tsui

Product Manager based in NYC. Runner-in-progress, guilty dog-earer of books.

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