A How-to Guide on Transitioning to Product Management

“How does one transition to be a product manager without ever having been one?”

Unlike my peers studying electrical engineering or computer science, the field of Product Management was virtually unknown to me when I first graduated college. I, among many of my fellow business-minded classmates, spent most of our free time in college networking and chasing down internships in the prestigious and clear-cut paths of either Investment Banking or Consulting. Paths that were supposed to….

  1. Set you up with the skills to tackle anything!!
  2. Make you hyper marketable to tech companies and/or startups!!!
  1. The Black Box of Product Management
  2. Minimum Viable Product Manager
  3. Good Product Manager, Bad Product Manager
  4. You are a janitor
  1. Brandon Chu’s Black Box of Product Manager
  2. Ken Norton (Former Google PM and current GV partner)’s blog
  3. Product Manager HQ
  4. This is Product Management Podcast — Helpful to listen and learn the industry jargon and how to speak “PM-like” in interviews
  5. Exponent — Great resource to see Product Case interviews in practice

Product Manager based in NYC. Runner-in-progress, guilty dog-earer of books.

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